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Exposure “The UV Protection of the Future”

Exposure is an innovative and unique business currently run by Danielle Watt in 2014. Exposure Band is a reusable UV monitoring wristband. The companies core objective is to reduce the probability of sunburn and skin cancer worldwide.
Our product was invented to educate and inform people, particularly children, about the effects of sunburn.

Exposure Band is a UV monitoring wristband calibrated to change colour when the user is required to reapply sunscreen. The user will apply sunscreen over their exposed skin and over the face of Exposure Band 15 minutes before they go outside. The band’s face is calibrated to work with sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. Once exposed to UV rays, the face of the band will gradually change from opaque to vibrant orange. When the face changes to vibrant orange, the user will reapply sunscreen to both their skin and the band’s face. Alternatively, they should cover up, or seek shade. When sunscreen is reapplied to the face of the band, or is unexposed to UV rays, it will change back to opaque instantly. The user will then be able to reapply their sunscreen to their skin and the face of the band. This allows the user to use it time and time again! Exposure Band is simply designed as an aid and cannot eliminate the risks of sunburn and melanoma altogether.

10 cents per band will be donated to the Cancer Society to contribute to the community and cancer research. Exposure Band has worldwide appeal, as skin cancer is a problem internationally and Exposure will help to assist with the prevention of this. We aim for Exposure to be a recognised brand and have a trustworthy and safe product.


Business Practice & Company Processes

Exposure takes pride in the way we run our company, carrying out innovative business practices and using strong company processes is very important to us. After receiving interest from companies willing to distribute a large volume of Exposure bands, it became apparent we would not be
able to manufacturer the product ourselves, so we sought assistance from a local manufacture. We believe we showed strong initiative by approaching Devon Plastics, and are looking forward to working with them now and into the future. Our wristbands are also innovative because we have spent the year developing and changing our existing product. Our sources of capital have been raised through our approach to local investors.


Exposure Band is extraordinarily innovative and unique as it is the only reusable UV monitoring wristband in the New Zealand Market. We have added value to our product that other UV wristbands don’t have, in terms of its reusability, colours, and the fact that it’s waterproof and is adjustable to fit all sizes. We were reassured that our product was completely new when our article was picked up worldwide by various newspapers and websites such as the Canberra Times. This was when the Australian Skin and Cancer Foundation approached Exposure and showed interest in distributing Exposure Band around New Zealand and Australia. Exposure is not only innovative because of the product itself, but also in the way that it has the potential to prevent the problem of sunburn and skin cancer. Exposure band is simple to use and doesn’t rely on technology to work efficiently. By carrying out extensive research, Exposure was able to develop our new formula. It now has an improved shelf life and is able to be reused straight away.

Developing our product was not easy and we completed a tremendous amount of research and practical experiments in order to perfect our formula. In order to protect our innovative product from being copied, we were required to file for a patent. Because we had very little knowledge on how to carry this out, we sought further assistance and received this from Dr Kristian Slack, a local and national patent expert.